Low power comparator/op amp?


I am making a basketball score system, and for the “basket end” i need a comparator of some kind.

I have made a prototype using sparkfun’s op amp, but it can’t run on a 3V LiIon cell battery. (Datasheet says it’d work with 3v, but i didn’t manage to get it working even with that)

I’m looking for a opamp or comparator that’d be similar to the sparkfun’s, but would work with 1,8v or lower (attiny v’s lower limit) and would use as little power as possible. I also need two channels.

I can’t make any sense of digikeys catalog, maybe some of you does : D


I've got the MAX4242 - it works from 1.5V, 10uA per op-amp, 90kHz BW.

Quick search at Farnell website suggests the TLC352 is a dual comparator good down to 1.4V supply
and 65uA current drain at 1.4V It has a buffered open-drain output so will need pull-up enabled.
Available in DIP package.

The Maxim opamp will switch quite slowly due to its low bandwidth (slew rate is 40mV/us),
which may or may not be important.