Low Power Consumption

Hallo Gemeinde,

Ich verwende einen ATtiny85, der zyklisch aus dem DeepSleep aufwacht, um einen Transistor zu schalten, mit dem ein SI7021 Sensor und einen Sender versorgt wird.

Nun zur Frage, ist es sinnvoller einen ESP8266-01 oder ein Funkmodul RF FS1000A als Sender zu verwenden. Ich muss max. 20m weit senden aber die ganze Sache soll so sparsam wie möglich sein in der Wach/Sendephase um einen Batteriebetrieb zu ermöglichen. Welcher Sender ist schneller bereit zum Senden? So kann ich die Wachphase möglichst gering halten.

Könnt ihr mir da einen Rat geben oder hat jemand Erfahrung mit einem Vergleich?

Danke und Gruss

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Hello community,

I'm using ATtiny85, which is waking up from the DeepSleep to switch a transistor, that provides the supply to a SI7021 sensor and transmitter.

The question is should I use a ESP8266-01 or RF module FS1000A as a transmitter? I have to send max. 20m as distance. the goal is to send the data as economical as possible in the wake / send phase to allow battery operation. In deepsleep phase it does not matter because the supply is removed by the transistor. Which transmitter is faster ready to send after power up? So I can make the awake phase so small as possible.

Could you give me some advice or experience with a comparison?

Thanks and regards

The FS1000A modules are instantly ready to transmit when powered up. In fact the DATA line controls the power to the RF oscillator, so you do not need to control the module power separately.

Typical schematic for those modules:

Many thanks that is an interesting fact. But i guess I have to disable the power source anyway because the SI7021 has to be disabled to reduce the consumption. Easy made with ATiny13 or ATiny85.

Regarding the required up time and the power consumption do you have an idea which of the transmitter (ESP8266-01 or FS1000A) fits better for battery operation?

Is there a good page to figure out the reaction time of the sensors or transmitter after power-up?

Every transmitter has pros and cons but i guess it is easier on esp8266 to handle the data with timestamp and summarize the data and so on? Am I right?


ESP8266 needs a lot of power for the WiFi part - every time you wake it up from sleep you have to restart the WiFi and register to the access point, after which you can finally send your data and power off.

A more instant form of communication is better for your batteries.