Low power wireless transfer using Inductive Coupling

To build a spherical LED clock I want to wirelessly transfer power from the stationary part to the rotary part.
I'm trying to figure out if this is available as a kit or breakout board

it is used in this clock here, the small separate PCB probably is the oscillator/driver circuit and the 2 coils can be seen here

Are you not able to buy the kit shown in the video you linked to?


https://www.ebay.com/itm/174133817464 (no specific endorsement of that vendor, but that combination of boards and coils are available from many vendors, and work great; use the pictures to identify which is the same type). Trivially easy to use too - supply power to transmitter, line up the coils a short distance apart, and get 5v out of the receiver.

Note that despite the fact that the item name (and the name of most listings) calls it a wireless charger, it doesn't have any charging circuitry - it just outputs 5v on the receiver - which is probably more useful. You can feed the power to a charging board if you want to charge a battery with it.

Are you not able to buy the kit shown in the video you linked to?

It is going to be a lot easier (and cheaper) just to purchase the kit. :roll_eyes:

Tempting but ... other things more important. :astonished:

Thank you for your help, the ebay board is exactly what I'm looking for.
Also much cheaper than the entire kit