Low power Yún

I've reproduced the wiring described here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=192413.0 and managed to get my consumption down to 2.5mA.


I'm wondering if the SDCard/USB hub is still drawing some power for the SDCard even though the 3.3v regulator is turned off, and I suspect also that some of that power is being taken by the level shifters.

Use Dragino Yun shield:


Put transistor control by Atmel chip turn on/off the Yun shield power.

get consumption down to 0 mA.

Thanks, yes if I was going to do it again then I'd not start with the Yún. I'm using a MOSFET to control some of my other peripherals, should have lower leakage than regular transistor.

I've not tried getting lower power consumption on the other boards, I suspect it's all about if their power regulators have any losses.

Obviously if I was going to build from scratch I could make different choices too.