Low resistance full/half bridge

I am building 5phase pentagram wired stepper motor driver and I am looking for ic packaged half or full h bridge, whit integrated charge pumps and low (<0.15Ohm) resistance. At the moment i am using two and a half of L6203 which works great, but the problem is their relavely high Rgs of 0.3 Ohm, which requires for me to use heatsink on the IC package(multiwatt11). Now i am looking for an alternative whit similar simple operation, but whit lower resistance. i would like to get under 0.15 Ohm at around 40 °C. It can be single half bridge or 2 or 4 outputs, it does not mather. I would also prefer a through hole package, but it is not necessary.
I knwo i can get a >0.015 Ohm nfet like a CSD88537ND, but i prefer not to have to develop entire circuit around them to drive it, since there are none 5 phase drivers avaible(i am familiar whit DVR series from TI).

Any help will be greatly appreciated :smiley:

You won't find 0.15 ohm in an integrated Hbridge, integrated bridges use DMOS, not VMOS FETs (vertical
current flow). Vertical current flow means the underside of the chip is the drain terminal, so only available
for discrete MOSFETs, and is capable of much lower on-resistances (milliohm)

The best you can do is devices like VNH3SP30 and VNH2SP30, where several MOSFET chips and a controller
are mounted inside a single (large) epoxy surface-mount package.

Thanks for answer, i kinda came to same conclusion, that best way to go is to use two discrete fets(n and p channel, i can get ones whit 10-15mOhms for under a buck) in low/high side configuration, a high speed cortex m0 or an FPGA to drive those fetts :smiley:

MOSFET driver can drive FETs, an FPGA is not designed for level shifting nor high current output!

MOSFET driver can drive FETs, an FPGA is not designed for level shifting nor high current output!

yes, i wrote it down poorly. I intend to use M0 or FPGA for logics, for the physical driving of MOSFETs i plan to use someting like a MIC5018 or someting similar. Or maybe ill evne use direct logic output to drive mosfets, they both have 3V threshold :stuck_out_tongue:

A MOSFET 3V threshold means 10V gate drive is required. Threshold is the turn off voltage, not the turn
on voltage.

oh ok thk, then i will stick whit drivers ;D