Low vision, need IDE config help

Hi Guys, I've been hit by a rare eye disease called non arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy in both eyes. I'm very low vision now, but I can use a computer with BIG fonts and Windows high contrast settings. Unfortunately the Arduino IDE doesn't fully conform to the high contrast settings, which is understandable as it's a stand alone program.

What I really need is a black background with white text for the editor, I think that's in the configuration text file, but it's hard for me to dig out.

Is there a configuration text file or other method available to create the high contrast I need? I'd really love to get back to Arduino playing!



Sorry to hear about your condition - I hope you are receiving treatment?

While I can't say I've played around with changing things, I believe that in the recent versions of the IDE, the color settings you're looking for are in the theme.txt file. As I'm on linux I can't really be sure where that's located on a windows system, but maybe you have an idea. In any case, theme.txt has entries that read:

foreground and background colors

editor.fgcolor = #000000 editor.bgcolor = #ffffff

I suppose those might be worth switching around for you?

On a side note, yellow and black is an even higher contrast than white and black (hence why warning signs have these colors). Don't know if that might be useful to you?