low voltage magnetic (hall effect) sensor

Hi, Looking at some hall effect sensors that aren't super small (ones that I can solder onto battery powered projects), I haven't been able to find one that works at lower voltages (like 2.8V or so). If I'm running off coincells, are reasonably sized hall effect sensors not really available?

Why not use a US1881? it needs at least 3.5V but can;t you just add one more coin cell and increase the voltage? Which cell are you using? CR2032? if so you can fit 2x CR2016 cells into that same holder and get 6V.

The point is that as a hobbyist we ride on the back of industry. If their is not an industrial demand for something it doesn't get made. If you are running something off a coin battery then it is normally small and therefore you want your components small hence surface mount.

It is a lot easier than you think to handle them. Get a good pair of tweezers and a scalpel and solder them between the tracks on strip board.