Low volume using Adafruit MP3 shield and Uno

Hi, I am new to Ardunio projects but have started making a small MP3 player.
I have an Uno R3 with an Adafruit music maker MP3 shield with the 3w stereo amp.
I can get the player to work but the volume is very low. I have set the volume to 1,1 in the code.
I have 3w 8 ohm speakers ( the ones sold for Ardunio projects)
Should I have used the non amp shield and get a seperate shield amplifier or some other way to increase the volume
Can anyone advise me please.
Thanks in advance

I know what it says in the documents to that is Lower numbers = higher volume, but that is the REVERSE of how other MP3 players like the DF Mini and Sparkfun MP3 shield work. As a quick test, set the volume to 20,20 in the code to see if that does anything. Just a quick thought, otherwise we'll need to see your code and a schematic of your project to help you further.