Lowest Latency Analog Control

Long time peruser, first time poster. Here's a little background on what I'm trying to accomplish...

My ultimate goal is to control Torq DJ software's virtual crossfader with an analog crossfader (or simply a linear slide potentiometer). I have been toying with many options (as there are dozens I have read about others using), however I am trying to figure out which option creates the MOST realistic feel. I suppose that means low latency, sensitivity, etc. For the record I'm doing all of this on a Lenovo T500 laptop running Windows 7 professional, but have also done some testing on my Q6600 Intel PC I built running Windows XP Pro SP3.

-I have tried the Roland MIDI driver scenario

-I have tried SERIAL to MIDI patches in PD routed to MIDI Yoke routed to Torq DJ.

-I have tried user built MIDI to SERIAL drivers

-I have tried doing all the MIDI message creation on the Arduino and spitting it out via a MIDI port to a MIDI-USB interface.

-I have used S2MIDI routed to LoopBe

-I have tried wiring my DJ crossfader to replace a crap slide pot on my Korg NanoKontrol

-I have followed the efforts of Rasteri on his MIDI scratch controller

The are so many scenarios involving OSC, MIDI, drivers, software running in the background, that I am mostly struggling with which option to use. What about MIDIBOX? Is the chip on the Arduino spitting out the CC message quickly enough? Is there a better option? Is a driver going to be the main bottleneck in the system? My Korg NanoKontrol's response in the program is really slick...is this because of the firmware on the device or the Korg device driver?

I have read these forums for weeks and finally just need to ask anybody working on similar projects (analog/serial/osc/midi control) what is working best for them. I need the smart folks on here to steer me in the right direction because of all the options I have tried, I am still not quite there and not sure where to direct my efforts. I'm hoping to learn what option offers the lowest possible latency and smoothest control of parameters in a program.

Can't wait to hear what's working for others. THANKS!!!

(FYI I had links to the various methods but I can't include them as a first time poster. Let me know if you need links to any of those.)

...and by the way, I am not just interested in DJ interfaces. I would love to hear from anyone who has figured out any analog control to MIDI setup that's as close to ZERO latency as possible.