LPC1768/69 and the Arduino IDE -- can I use it?


I have looked at PlatformIO and gotta say it is not an easy option to understand.

Is there any way to use the Arduino IDE (1.8.13 or 1.9 with Linux-Mint+Cinnamon) for installing Marlin 2.0.8 to the BTT-SKR-1.4-Turbo board?

I have tried both and get "Missing Library" errors in both IDEs and no idea where to look for Libraries to make this work. If it is even possible -- yet.

I have searched here for "LPC1769" and came up short as nothing mentions using the Arduino IDE or not. I downloaded the CLI version and read through the docs but that too is no help.

Having previously donated to the cause, I'd like to stay where I put my money and not use alternatives.