LPC2148 with xbee in api mode

Hello All,

I started to work on lpc2148 with xbee series 2. On the transmitting side i am using lpc2148 with xbee coordinator in API mode, and Rx side i am using xbee on Shield in router AT mode. I want XBee to activate a D3 pin, which could be used to turn on relay on Rx side

API frame format as below code using c program .

define Delimeter 0x7E

oid Init_UART1(void) //This function setups UART1 { unsigned int Baud16; U1LCR = 0x83; // DLAB = 1 Baud16 = (Fpclk / 16) / UART_BPS; U1DLM = Baud16 / 256; U1DLL = Baud16 % 256; U1LCR = 0x03; }

void main() {

Init_UART1(); LED1_ON(); setRemoteState(0x5);//AD3 config DOUT HIGH Delay(25); LED1_OFF(); setRemoteState(0x4);//AD3 config DOUT LOW Delay(25);

void setRemoteState (char value) {

UART1_Write(Delimeter);//start byte UART1_Write(0);//high part of length UART1_Write(0X10);//low part of length UART1_Write(0X17);//remote AT command UART1_Write(0X0);//frame id 0 for no reply UART1_Write(0X0); UART1_Write(0X0); UART1_Write(0X0); UART1_Write(0X0); UART1_Write(0X0); UART1_Write(0X0); UART1_Write(0XFF);// broadcast UART1_Write(0XFF);// broadcast UART1_Write(0XFF); UART1_Write(0XFE); UART1_Write(0X02);//apply changes immediately on remote UART1_Write('D');//writing on AD3 pin UART1_Write('3'); UART1_Write(value); sum = 0x17 + 0xFF + 0xFF + 0xFF + 0xFE + 0x02 + 'D' + '3' + value; UART1_Write(0xFF - (0xFF & sum));//checksum

Delay(25); } } i am not able to get any communication or data on my Rx side. Please guide on this point...

This program is working fine with arduino using Serial.write Function.

Regards, Vijay