LPD8806 LED Battle Beer Pong Table

Its nearly completed, just looking to add improvements to it.

Built it all from scratch.

Teensy 3.0 Arduino
LPD8806 LED strips
custom build beer pong frame/table

Using a 5V 8A adapter for power, but it also supports portable USB power batteries.

Still need to tweak the code and effects. Really want to get the pulse/radiation type effect going.

Added two arcade buttons (1 on each end) to make the table strobe, as a means to distract your opponent. It resets after 15 seconds, and the strobe lasts for 5. I might make the reset a little bit longer.

Would love any suggestions and feedback to make this better!

Unreal idea bud. Looks awesome!

As for suggestions I would say line the table inner edge of the table with a row of LEDs so there is a constant light source all the time, it doesn't have to be bright just so the tables edges stand out. This would best be noticed in person so maybe you already thought of that. Secondly, I would suggest lighting the cups up somehow. I'd suggest a clear surface where the bottom of the cups are placed and put a circle of LEDs underneath.

I just received my Adruino kit in the mail today. Only found out about this product about a week ago. Once I'm familiar with it I am definitely making one of these! Again, wicked job man!


Ya, some of the effects make it too dark. Need to sort something better to make the cups more visible.

Might leave the triangle LEDs on all the time, and do effects on the middle strips instead perhaps.

The whole top is clear poly-carbonate (like plexiglass but doesnt scratch as easy).

Table also folds up in half for easy transport. Fits in my car nicely.

thanks for the feedback!

Aside from the 240p that video showed the table nice, looks like good craftsmanship and the folding part is key!