LPH7366 Cellphone Display Board Success

I bought this little board a while ago through eBay but I could never get it to work.

I finally got serious and popped the display off the carrier to trace the circuits. I'm not sure if, in the end I did things much differently but I understood the pinouts and was able to use the PCD8544 software from the playground successfully. I'm just posting it here so people can see what a nice little display this is and maybe it will help someone else get going.

The connector pins at the top and bottom on this board are:
1 3.3V
2 ground
3 /CS active low chip select - I just have it grounded
4 /RES active low reset - i just have it tied to plus V
5 D/C data/command control line
6 SI serial data input (like MOSI)
7 SCK serial data clock
8 dims the backlights if pulled low

Here's a few more pics of the carrier board. The distinguishing point to me is that the LCD itself has a 9 pin connector rather than the alternative 8 pins. This site pcd8544 based displays (serdisplib) has an excellent description of the two LCD types.

The code from Arduino Playground - HomePage here worked great once I had figured out the pins.

Nice work! What about the back light? Is it controlled over SPI commands?

Nice work! What about the back light? Is it controlled over SPI commands?

the backlight is controlled separately from the screen contents. There are six very bright white leds permanently connected to +V and grounded through separate resistors to a common transistor at the bottom of the board. The transistor is connected to pin 8 such that if it's pulled to ground the leds are fairly bright but if pin 8 is left open or high the lights are VERY VERY bright. I cut the trace to the leds because they were just distracting and drew a lot of power.

I had also cut another trace that connected the leds to what i took to be bypass caps but they may have had some other function that would make the dimming more effective - too late now!