LPY503AL Gyro Breakout Board

Hello Everyone,

I'm learning about gyros and have a LPY503AL gyro breakout board that I'd like to work with. I've tried surfing the web for a tutorial for this gyro breakout board but didn't find any articles. If anyone has a code and wiring diagram on how to connect it to an Arduino Uno R3, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance.

Where did you buy it ? This is the Sparkfun page about it, https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9424

You need to take a look at the datasheet and the schematic. Use the 3V3 pin of the Arduino to power the 3.3V pin. Connect also the GND of the Arduino to the GND of the breakout board. Use two analog inputs of the Arduino to read the 'x1' Z and X sensor values. I think you don't have to connect the other pins.

I got it at Sparkfun.com. Thank you for the wiring instructions. I'm a beginner in electronics. I have looked at the data sheets and schematics but needed a second opinion.