LPY5150AL Gyro


I am trying to connect the LPY5150AL breakout board from Sparkfun to my Arduino
I am new to the whole DIY electronics thing, so i don't quite follow what the datasheet, says about the pin connections
These are the pins on the breakout board, and where i think they should be connected to the Arduino Uno

vref--I guess i should choose this to go to 3.3V
X (*1)
Z (*1)
X (*4)--I think this means output voltage amplified by a factor of 4?
Z (*4)
HP(High pass filter reset)(0=>Normal, 1=>External High pass filter is reset??)--what do i do?
PD(Power Down-0=>Normal, 1=>Power down)So, i connect to Gnd from Arduino
ST(0=>Normal, 1=>Power down) So i connect to Gnd from Arduino

I think the X and Z should go to the Analog input pins on the Uno
But should i use the (*1) or (*4) outputs?
I assume no external resistors are needed.
Could someone clear these questions, as i don't want to fry this sensor