LSM9DS0 sensor ADC


I have a doubt about a particular sensor I am using.

I am using the LSM9DS0 with my Arduino and it is connected using the I2C serial interface. Here is the datasheet of it.

It says the data is 16-bit and already digital. So does this mean it doesn't go through the analog-to-digital converter of the Arduino and has a built in ADC in the sensor itself? Cause I see one in the datasheet page 24. I'm asking because I am printing the data to the serial port of the Arduino, and the Arduino's ADC is 10-bit only, so if it did I would be sampling at a lower resolution than what the data can provide and therefore losing accuracy when it gets printed. Sorry if it's a silly question but I would like some clarification.

Regards, inkosi

That module provides all information digitally to the Arduino, the Arduino's ADC is not used in any way. The Arduino should print the value it gets from the module and you get the maximum accuracy the sensor is able to provide.

If that doesn't answer your question, try to provide more background information. It seems that you had some assumptions that you didn't write but were hidden in your question nevertheless. If these assumptions are not correct but you rely on them anyway, we might not be able to give you the information you looked for.