LTC1867 - always at maximum

I am trying to use the LTC1867 with my arduino eth.
I followed the instructions, included the recommended library and uploaded the example code GitHub - IowaScaledEngineering/ard-ltc1863: Software and hardware design files for ISE's ARD-LTC1863 8-Channel 12-Bit 200ksps ADC Arduino Shield .
However, regardless on the voltage I apply to any of the 8 inputs, I get the result “65535” on all channels.
Am I missing something here or should I assume a malfunction of the device?
Thank you and have a nice week

ard1863_example.ino (2.75 KB)

Post the complete output you get. Is the EEPROM written correctly? If not, I guess the wiring is not correct. Post a wiring diagram.