LTC2400 24bit ADC with strain guage


Has anyone every used one of these devices to read the input from a strain gauge without an amplifier?

I would like to connect one of these device to my uno, and then connect a strain gauge inside my load cell to this. Would I need an amplifier also??

Any help would be magic.

Thanks Jim

is it possible to connect a load cell to a 24bit ADC without amplification?

Strain gauge examples I've seen have a gain of ~500 to ~2000. You're going to lose up to half the precision of your 24 bit chip without any amplifier. That's not to say that all strain gauges need an amplifier, but the inexpensive ones found in ~1KG weigh scales typically do.

For a bare chip the ADS1231 is half the price, also 24 bit, and includes a gain of 128. In addition to a 16 pin SOIC adapter it only needs a couple capacitors to complete it.

Thanks for getting back to me,
The load cell I’m using is 500kg, I want to be able to read fom 0 - 400kg at every .5kg, Would I have enough resolution?

How would I connect a strain gauge to a ADS1231, is it simple enough?