LTI S200 Laser Distance Sensor

Ok so I'm a newbie, but I really do want to understand. The project is this: Receive serial data from S200 sensor on serial to Arduino and output just the distance variable to Android via Bluetooth. Using App Inventor 2, set upper and lower limits of data trigger to switch relay.

Arduino Uno
LTI s200 laser rangefinder (115200 baud)
Bluetooth HC (9600 baud)
App Inventor 2
Android pad

I established the bluetooth connection (10,11) using softserial @9600 baud
I established the sensor connection on hardware serial @115200 baud

The sensor outputs a comma delimited string beginning with $DM,F,Dist,M,blah blah when I connect with usb to Arduino but I cant seem to filter the 'Dist' data or send to bluetooth.

Any pointers?