LTR390-UV change I2C address

Hello friends

I'm trying to change the I2C address of my LTR390-UV using the registers
but all my attempts are negative.
Its default address is 0x53

Please help me in this problem thank you!

Capture d’écran 2021-09-01 à 17.50.02|690x306

It only has one slave address, 0x53. Even if it had alternate addresses this is not something you would configure with registers, but with programming some of the pins, since you cannot communicate with the registers without using the I2C address.

Does the datasheet for the device say you can actually changes the I2C device ?

I put the datasheet to you, but I haven't seen any information on this subject

Probably because the address is hardcoded and cannot be changed.

Why do you need to change it anyway? Perhaps there are other solutions to your problem.

It clearly doesn't have any pins for setting addresses... Alternate I2C addresses are pin-selected in those chips that have them, since it has to be hardware configured to avoid clashing when you have multiple chips of the same sort on the same I2C bus.

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