LUA -Arduino -ESP- why do they seam to be incompatible with each other

Not sure where one would place a question like this -but it network related

but I noticed LUA and Arduino firmwares do not always like to play nice with each other. wondering if anyone would knows why??

If I run LUA firmware on ESP and it works fine run for months and months with out crashing. but as soon as I add ardunio based esp stuff in it causes LUA stuff to crash. take the arduino stuff out all works well again..

I find it weird..

I am guessing

but I think it is because when one programs an esp with Arduino firmware as a client. it also creates an AP at the same time .. how does not stop arduino firmware from creating an AP every time you create a client device. also it is a little bothersome too as it creates a whole bunch of "random" SSIDs one for each esp device created.

not to mention it can be a security risk since as it seams one can log onto the esp with the default password

LUA is firmware for the ESP modules ESP8266 core for the Arduino is firmware for the ESP modules

Depending on which firmware you have in the ESP module, it would stand to reason that your Arduino Uno sketch would need to be different, so I don't understand your problem.

yes I know when LAU for esp are and arduino IDE for the ESP are two different languages the difference is when you compile a sketch in lua for the ESP as a client you only have a client no automatic secondary AP is created

when you compile under arduino IDE for esp as a client you end up with a CLient and secondary AP. that allows default connection by default passwords-- if you create more then one ESP device each device create another AP. SSID - I assume using the CHIP ID of ESP as the SSID

form what I can tell the more ESP device you create cause bigger and bigger issue with your wifi as your wifi Channel become saturated with more and more APs all on the same channel --that are all automatically created by arduino IDE for ESP

so the question is how do you stop Arduino IDE using esp module from creating more and more "random" access points when you originally set it up as client only .. and not as an AP..