Lucide - a choir of eyeballs

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I presented Lucide at Neutral Ground Gallery in Regina SK in May 2010. Lucide is an interactive audio sculpture made of five larger than life eyeballs that house photocells. These photocells control the volume of five individually recorded voices - if an eye is open, the voice corresponding to that eye is heard. I used Arduino with Maxuino to interface with Max/MSP.

Youtube video was uploaded yesterday -

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Interesting…but if you don’t mind my honesty, a bit creepy. Something about a row of eyes looking at me, then being able to walk up to them and touch them…

Why did you choose eyes?

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Hahah, I think "interesting, but a bit creepy" is what every reviewer of my work has said over the last 3 years, it's honesty I am used to! It's perfectly fine, I like making things that challenge people's emotions..

My works are reflective of my hopes and fears for future technologies, and are a little like science fiction that way. The eyes have this relationship with surveillance (like you expressed) and I think some people think of technology in the same way, they are paranoid about being watched. The eye also seemed like a body part that would be the most delicate and intimate for a human hand to handle, windows to the soul. The little eyes in my work are singing for their souls but ....they're just machines. This is either a tragedy or a comedy, I suppose it depends on how you look at religion, technology, human computer interaction, any number of things.

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