Hi there, I'm working in a group that is building a digitally controlled synthesizer at school; I'm designing the part related to the midi-usb communication. Our teacher wanted to program the midi to cv (control voltage) interface to show up as a HID midi device to the computer, so he bought an Arduino Micro. We were done with the midi messaging part when we found that the Micro Bootloader could act only as a keyboard or a mouse, as well as a virtual com port. So we decided to change the bootloader on the board, and install the TeensyHID from LUFA. With that bootloader, we'll be able to program the board like a teensy 2.0 with the IDE extensions from PJRC, selecting the midi HID mode and customizing the name of the device. Does anyone know a good tutorial about installing TeensyHID on Arduino Micro (or Leonardo, the uC and the schematics are pretty much the same)? We must finish the work before the end of the school, so we have only ten days left.

Thanks in advance, PIMS.

PS:there is plenty of arduino UNO to use as SPI programmers at our school, it will be better if we'll have to use one of them rather than buying a programmer.

Hi I've sucessfully installed LUFA teensy hid on a leonardo board, following : Be carefull of the size of bootloader and how you program hfuse of you uC

The problem is you need teensyLoader 1.05 to work with it. Currently version (1.15) doesn't support this hack. Regards