Lunar Module

I will be part of a small team designing a Lunar Module thanks to this forum and Google which made it possible! My Quadcopter code and hardware will be used to test the IMU that is going up in 2015! PM if you want details...

My hat is off! Which team are you with?

"We are those crazy people who think that every idea is crazy until we make it happen then people say... Of course!"

"The iPhone of Space"

The first private company to land on the Moon. Pimple powered lunar lander. Helium-3 from the moon will give us power on earth for 100's of years.

Jim is a friend from way back, but he never would have thought of me if someone didn't Google "Autonomous Quadcopter" to find me here on this forum! Thanks Arduino Forum!

Nice one. I've subscribed for updates. Looking forward to reading your name in dispatches.

well done!

It's a Space Race to see who will be first!