LunARduino Satellite

Hi guys,

We're building the first Arduino-based small satellite and we're sending to the moon. We're competing in NASA's Cube Quest challenge which is where we'll get our launch opportunity. Our project is similar to what ArduSat did in 2013, but we're using a 6U CubeSat (6X bigger) and we've added propulsion to go deeper into space.

With your support, we send you an Arduino Pro Mini for you to build a space experiment. You can read our satellite data and access our sensors, or add your own. Then you send us your experiment and we slide it into our satellite, we test the heck out of it and then deliver it to NASA.

Want to get involved? Check us out!

"0.5kg" Good
"1.3L" Almost good (the litre isn't named after anyone, so it's a small "l")
"1000psi" Not good at all.

Pick one system of weights and measures, and stick with it - don't you rocket scientists learn anything? :smiley:

Seriously though guys, looks a great project.

Killer project ! I'm in :slight_smile: