Lux sensor programming

Hi folks...

new here and with this nice boards but i have 0 idea how to write the codes i have arduino ONE board and im trying to interface with the LUX sensor of the bitalino Board, i have heard that thats possible i just want to do this:

in a determinate amount of voltage produced by the lux sensor of the bitalino i want that the dc motor of the arduino starts the dc motor and in other amount of voltage to shut it down

Many thanks and if i did wrong to posting here im sorry

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Have you tried any of the examples that the IDE comes with ? They will teach you the basis of how to write a program for the Arduino, in particular how a program is structured and how to read from external sensors and control external devices.

It sounds like you need to use analogRead() to determine an input voltage and output either a fixed or variable voltage to the motor. The IDE has examples of analogue input and both digital and analogue output.

Can you post a link to the specifications of the

LUX sensor of the bitalino Board