M.E.K. (In the share your tools off section here): What to store this in?

I saw here on one of the show-off your tools & bench section, a posting where someone showed how to glue plastics together, to make electric enclosure (and fix goof-ups) by chemically bonding the plastic with this solvent methyl ethyl keotone. I found it at the hardware store and got a generous sized tin can. I would actually like to break this down into smaller to handle bottles, but now realize everything I have is made of plastic in some way. Other than metal or glass jars (which I have none of), does anyone know what else I can use to handle this fun stuff with ?

I use these bottles to hold DCM.

DCM is even more volatile than MEK so these sould work for you.

The 5ml size is the largest they have.

The plastic insert is impervious to solvents.

You will knock over your bottles.

Get these sticky pads:

Yes that was the post that I lost thanks. Do you know if butyl rubber is safe gasket material?

“Do you know if butyl rubber is safe gasket material?”

Don’t know.

I have tried so many different bottles with different seals.

Only the one shown above and aluminum foil seals worked for the DCM I use.

PET bottles (ie soda bottles) are pretty resistant to most solvents. The seal are PE, which is likewise...

So, PE is PolyEthelyne yes? I think I found some dispensers say "Polypropeline body, Polyethelene seals".

Thanks for the info. It now clear to me, which bottles work with which gaskets are going to be anyone's guess. I thought about using the cheap glass bottles with cork toppers, then thought what a waste it will be for 2 weeks to ship of that does not work.

Ideally, I would like those fine inkjet syringes filled so I can just cap it off and dispense precisely. And unless I spend a million dollars to get something specific, I order and get what I get from these china suppliers.

One thing to definitely avoid is polycarbonate, its very sensitive to solvents and will craze and crack even in
the presence of solvent vapours (for instance even lemon and orange oil will attack it).

Thinking about I guess any vessel designed for perfumes will be resistant to solvents.

You probably want silicone.

I would worry about that disposable pipette sitting in the bottle. What is it made from?

Same material as the cap inserts seen in post image #1.

It too is impervious to solvents.

Seems like some kind of polyethylene or polypropylene.

polyethylene eye dropper

I thought about cork - except that stuff is porous and probably contaminate the MEK. They sell glass bottles with cork stoppers.