M542T driver and arduino problem...

My power supply is a 36v and 10a.
Motor is High Torque Nema 23 CNC Stepper Motor 113mm 3Nm(425oz.in) 23HS45
Driver is M542T

My wiring is:
Pul+ e Dir+ --> +5v arduino
Pul- --> Pin 9
Dir- --> Pin 8
Spepper pin are
A+ --> Black
A- --> Green
B+ --> Red
B- --> Blue

Problem: when the code start, the motor provide holding torque and the green light of m542t turn on (well); when the code reaches the instruction where I set the signal level of Pulse pin to HIGH, the red alarm light of my m542t turn on and the motor han no more torque. I do not think is the output voltage from my Arduino the problem ....anyway I tried with 3 different arduino mega shield

My code is:

// Pin numbers
int pulPin = 9;
int dirPin = 8;

int loops = 0;

void setup() {
pinMode(pulPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(dirPin, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(pulPin, LOW);
digitalWrite(dirPin, LOW);


void loop() {
digitalWrite(pulPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(pulPin, LOW);

The vendor of motor,driver and power supply ( Stepperonline) say:
"The connection is correct and power supply is OK.
When power on showing holding torque means the drive and motor are OK.
You connect PUL+ and DIR+ to +5V, so your control signal should be lower level voltage.
And we can't tell if your program is correct."

Could anyone give me some help to resolve the problem? ... I do not know what else to try

Always start testing with a very slow step rate - perhaps 500 millisecs between steps.

Are you sure you have the wires to the motor identified properly? Check the resistance of the coils with your multimeter to identify which pairs of wires are for each coil.

Have you adjusted the current limit in your driver to suit the max acceptable by the motor?

Make a simple pencil drawing showing how YOU have everything connected and post a photo of the drawing.