M5stack C to be managed by Bluetooth GamePad

Hello friends,

I'm looking for a code for having the controller M5Stack -C managed by a GamePad as highet priority, or by other Bluetooth device.
The Stick -C will control a motor which helping a young lady which suffering disability.

I hope some of you have and can share here please

Thank you in advanced!

What have you tried so far ?

Hi Bob,
First thanks for your responding
Currently we have two sticks which configured manually to allow Bluetooth connectivity.

The main goal is to be able connecting and managing the M5stick by a Gamepad:
The M5stick will manage an engine which will move paralyzed hand, by pressing on the Gamepad buttons

We don't know which protocol we need for managing the M5stick, I hope we will have an assistance with this in this forum.
We do appreciate any assistance
thank you!

As far as I can gather the M5Stack contains an ESP32 and the M5Stick-C is available for selection in the IDE Board Manager. Have you managed to configure the IDE to use it and run any of the example sketches ?