MAC address and the WiServer library

I've been playing with using my Arduino (a Redback, basically a WiFi module/Arduino Nano combo) and the WiServer library to POST data to websites, and it seems to be working fine. However, when I use netcats and try to get the Arduino to connect to my local PC, netcats keeps telling me the connection is invalid since the Arduino has no known MAC address. The problem is, I can't see any initialization functions etc in the WiServer library that would allow me to specify a MAC address. As for using other libraries, my device doesn't support anything else other than WiServer and some other support libraries based on uIP.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Or can anyone explain to me how I can connect to a website but not to my local PC?

In the examples folder of your library (BTW: you forgot the links to the hardware as well as to the libraries) you also have a sample called WebClient. This is what you need. Be sure to specify the correct value for the “gateway” variable, if that’s not your routers IP address you won’t get to the Internet.