MAC Address for Copperhead Wifi Shield?

Hi all!

I know its a stupid question, but the stupidest question that you didnt ask. So Here i am. I am currently using Copperhead Wifi Shield from Linksprite:
I would like to know how to check the MAC address of the wifi shield other than looking on the label. Probability all of you may know that the wifi bee on this shield supports only DHCP, not static IP. Only by assigning a static ip through address reservation in router could make it work. However, i could not establish a connection in doing so. I was wondering if the MAC address is kind of wrong? Any Help or feedback is appreciated.


Have you got a packet sniffer like Wireshark?

In any case how will that work, if the shield tries to use DHCP?

Thank you for your answer! i have found that i have made a mistake in my post. Please allow me to clarify a bit, the Wifi Bee supports only static IP. But the router or ISP provides only DHCP services. So i have to assign a static ip to the wifi bee manually by "address reservation", which in turns requires my wifi bee's MAC. After several attempts, i have checked through my router network that there is not any connection between the bee and my router even though the LED indicating Wifi_ON status is lit. So it comes to my senses that maybe the MAC on this little bee is wrong? I am sorry for confusing you.

Are you saying you don't believe the MAC address on the label? Or maybe the code is not using it?

Yea. I don't believe the MAC on the label. :smiley:

So i was wondering if i can check it by other means? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!

Well for my Ethernet shield (which is working) I turned Wireshark on, set it to capture the IP address I had set, and saw this:

The MAC address (circled) was what I assigned in the sketch. You should be able to see the MAC address of your card, if it is communicating in any way.

It is very kind of you, and i really appreciate your help!

I will see if this works XD

Thanks again!