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greetings to all .. who can help me? I have to enter the mac address via a string (I'm using a Now message and the master must know the client's mac) I thought I'd enter it via wifimanager ... can someone help me? Thank you

Type it in. :grinning:

Maybe my guess about the platform/hardware/peripherals situation on your side is wrong,
but you didn't bother to tell us.

Sorry for sure I was not clear, I use an ESP8266 that I configure via the WIFI manager, I would like to enter a MAC address in the settings to be stored on the eprom and to be able to use it in the code ...

How to change ESP8266 MAC Address |

Internet searches. An amazing thing.

Just out of curiosity, what will this MAC address be used for?
Is it the address of a different node, or will it become the MAC of your node?

There are very limited cases that justify changing your own MAC address,
in some countries it might even be illegal,
because you are disguising the device vendor identification.

Absolutely not, I need it because the Master must know it to point to who to transmit, they are not changed but are used to communicate.
In the Slave I read it through wifimanager and in the slave I would always like to insert it from outside with WIfiManager

however I already have some ideas ... if someone has already faced a similar situation .. thanks

So in my world, I would tell master which MACs he should address.
Having the master side fixed and adjusting the slaves seems strange to me.

If you read the transmission principle with ESp NOW you will understand better.

I setup a program to load into the ESP32's to print out the mac address already stored in the ESP32. Perhaps you can do something similar.

And post#4 has a link to how you can change your mac address.

Sorry, but I don't understand where you are stuck. As you say, when using ESP-Now the master device has to have the MAC address of each slave as part of its code, unless, of course, you broadcast to all slaves listening by using a MAC address of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

Each slave ESP board has a MAC address which you can read and use in the master coder. How do you envisage using WiFi Manager to enter MAC addresses ?


In fact, and what I want to do, I read it on the server through the WIFI manager (imagine the code already complete and only need to set data from outside without a PC), having to set it on the master I would like to create the possibility of entering the server address via wifimanager (where must send) from external, Store it and use it in the code.

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