MAC Address of ARduino Due

Hi all,

I brought Ethernet Shield for my Arduino.

How can I find MAC address for the same ?

Is there a way to find MAC address without connecting it to internet or Router ? Can I find it using usb connection to my laptop ?

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Swaroop

If it is a official Arduino ethernet shield (w5100 IC), then it has no mac address assigned. You can assign it any unique address. The most common is DEAD BEEF FEED.

byte mac[] = {0xDE,0xAD,0xBE,0xEF,0xFE,0xED};

Thanks. I bought official Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 ( based on W5100 Ethernet chip). I will try that out and let you know.

The reason I asked was, the Arduino Yun's I had , had predefined MAC addresses.