Mac and MKR GSM 1400 - no serial port

macOS 10.15.3 (Catalina)

New Macbook pro with USBC ports only

Latest Arduino installed
gcc and command line tools installed ( can compile )

The only port that shows up is /dev/cu.Bluetooth.Incoming.Port when the board is connected via USBC

There must be something I am missing or didnt find on the interweb.

Make sure the USB cable is completely plugged into both the Arduino board and the PC.

You may have a damaged/defective or charge-only USB cable. Try a different cable.

I am amazed, in my experience it is never the cable. However, you were correct!

Even tho the other cable powered up the board, a different cable did the trick!

Thank you for the help!

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now.

In my experience providing help here on the forum, as well as personal experience, those charge-only USB cables are a frequent source of headaches. They provide power, so the LEDs on the board turn on, but they don't provide data connections, so you get no port and can't upload.