Mac crashed when active FTDI/USB serial is removed

I encounter this issue, when I pull out the Arduino USB port (FTDI) while the serial port is active, it will immediately crashed the Mac Snow Leopard ..

Anyone encounter the same issue or know how to fix it ??

How to check what version of FTDI driver have I installed on the Mac ?


Hi, this never happens with me. MacBook pro OS 10.6.4 If the serial monitor window is open then you get a disconnect dialogue box but that's about it. I regularly unplug the USB when making changes to my circuit boards.

I've used FTDI devices a lot, and never had this problem.

To find the version number:

  • plug in the FTDI device (Arduino)
  • click the apple icon -> about this mac
  • click "more info"
  • find "extensions" in the "software" section on the left column ("contents")
  • find tte FTDI in the right pane. The version number will be listed.

I'm running 2.2.14 on os X 10.6.4 at the moment, but I've never seen that behavior in years of os X and FTDI driver versions.


I have had this happen a couple of tmes. I found it was best to press and hold the reset button while disconnecting the USB.

I removed the old drivers and reinstalled it again...

Currently running FTDI 2.2.14 on os X 10.6.4 for both the Arduino FTDI and my USB to Serial adapter (FTDI) ...

Will pull out the USB with Serial monitor running, let see what happened ?

Phewww... I survived the crashed.... :) :)

I think I had installed an older FTDI driver for my USB Serial adapter that was not properly uninstalled before today....

No more crashed when I pull out either of the Arduino or USb Serial adapter while connected..

Thank you for the replies..

Apple say don't do that with an active, communicating device.