Mac, iphone & Arduino

Hi all,

now i am doing my final year project using arduino board and i'd like use iphone to control the arduino board ( and arduino board controls LEDs and motors, it is a part of a robot)

Basically, our plan is use iphone which is installed mrmr, and it can communicate with Macbook, and then macbook connects to arduino by USB or Wifi. it is just a plan, however my team mate and i both are beginners.

So far, we can use mac to upload programs to the arduino to make the LEDs blink, and we can build mrmr control panel and upload to iphone, however we can not make iphone talk to arduino... :(

Anybody can give us some idea, how to use iphone to control the arduino board? do we need some extra softwares to make it work? we heard that the OSC (Open Sound Control), does this OSC related to my question? if yes, how does it work?

Here is my questions, maybe the questions sounds silly but we are still beginners and we are really keen in them. Please help us and many thanks in advance! :)

Best wishes!


I would either: - Develop a website to control the robot and use the iPhone's web browser. - Use the serial port on the iPhone to control the Arduino(the 30pin connector has a serial port in it).

You have to be a registered developer to write native iPhone applications.

I can say that it's possible to hack XCode to develope applications, but not with the newest plugins or what it's called ;)

But I would recommend the Wifi solution, getting a WiShield from Asynclabs and then make a webpage (server) with that...

iPhone Web-Apps can look pretty much exactly like a native apps, if done right.

XCode requires the $100 fee, but DashCode(which is part of the iPhone SDK) is for developing native-looking web-apps. There are tons of tutorials