Mac Mini wont operate Max/MSP patch

Hi, I hope someone can help. I am trying to run an installation using a Mac Mini, an Arduino 0017 and Max/MSP. The patch I created runs insperfectly on my Laptop Mac Powerbook. I have everything set up the same on the Mac Mini but it WILL NOT RUN = :(



What won't run? The Mac Mini? The Arduino IDE? Your car? Your dog?

You're welcome.

Hi PaulS. The string of LED Christmas lights attached to the Arduino 0017 which are connected via USB to the Mac mini won't run.

When I take the USB cable from the Arduino 0017 :'( and plug it into my MacBook my installation works.

I have tried changing the serial port with a drop down menu attached to the serial object in Max MSP. :'(

It sounds like you have the correct drivers for the FTDI chip on the Arduino installed on the laptop, but not on the Mini.

If the arduino already has the sketch on it then it might be the power, are any LEDs lit?

Is there a difference between operating systems or processors on the two machines?

The correct drivers that come with the Arduino software have been installed on the Mac Mini (PPC). When I load the SimpleMessageSystem code from the Mac Mini using the Arduino software the lights flash once (probably only LEDs attached to digital pin 13). I haven't tried the basic blink test on the Mac Mini which I should probably do.

On the MacBook Pro I am runing Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) and on the Mac Mini I am running Leopard (OSX 10.5).