Mac Not Uploading

Hello all,

I am (as my name implies) a robotics student. I am using a Macbook ( Version 10.6.8 ) from 2010. Recently, and repetitively I have had an uploading error. The message I receive is as followed:

"Programer not responding"

Sometimes it tells me to check the troubleshooting website but none of it has worked for me. If anyone knows how to fix this could the please help.


Which Arduino?

What version of the IDE?

How is your Arduino connected?

Are you sure you selected the right serial port?

Are you sure you selected the right board?

I assure you that Arduino 1.0.5 works fine on my 2007 MacBook Pro running 10.7.5.

My Arduino version is Arduino Uno. My IDE version is 1.0.5. My Arduino is connected by USB cord. I have the right serial port (it had worked earlier (a week ago) with the one I use). I have selected the right board.

The next step is to go to Preferences and turn on verbose upload logging. Then try again and post the results here.