Mac or PC

I'm new to Arduino and just about to download the software. I can download to either Mac or PC.... are there any advantages... one over the other? Thanks

I always thought a Mac WAS a PC.

yes it is on many levels

PC = personal computer, do you personally own it? is it a computer?

they are now based on X86 hardware, just like IBM compatible pc's since the XT models

without getting into it NO there is no difference, the arduino IDE runs on java, you could run it on a pizzabox with two bits of tinfoil and not notice a difference (as long as it runs java)

use whatever makes you happier

I always thought a Mac WAS a PC

Due to the "Mac vs PC" marketing campaign/advertisement from Apple.. they have successfully differentiate both of them.. :)

What hardware do you usually do your tinkering/development on ? Mac or PC ??

Anyway,I notice that the PC version have the .h codes on the 2nd tab whereas the Mac version does not... I'm running 019 on both of them...

The Mac is somewhat nicer than Windows if you find yourself wanting to do AVR/Arduino things outside of the Arduino IDE. This is mostly because the main command-line shell on Mac (bash) is much nicer than the main command-line shell for windows (CMD.EXE)

hogwash, outside of the arduino is avrgcc which is universal to all operations in that environment

the difference is *.nix environments set it up where your machine is always ready and willing to compile the avrgcc process

windows makes it if your running games and flash video its not adding overhead, which yes is debatable in multi gig systems of today

otherwise there is ZERO difference in between typing the EXACT same command in bash or cmd, you just might have to run a batch file to setup path=blah in windows, V.S. having it already setup 24/7 in nix (which if you spend 4 min reading 20+ year old MS documents is a trivial matter)

none of which has ANYTHING to do with arduino, you use arduino as its taken care for you no matter the environment

(disclaimer: I have a mac G5 pimped out, windows7 and multiple instances of linux on my various machines)

If you have absolutely no preference then I would probably go with windows as there are more people who use it on windows so perhaps if you have any issues, help might be easier to come by.

Most of the time though, mac or windows, makes no difference to the casual arduino user.


thanks all for the insights.