MAC OS-Sierra 10.12 Update

Is there an update for the new MAC OS (Sierra 10.12),

I'm using an UNO and had no problem running things on the previous OS.
Cannot communicate with the UNO since I updated to OS-10.12.

I get the [stk500_recv(): Programmer is not responding] when I attempt to upload a sketch to the UNO as well as the Serial Monitor not receiving data from the UNO.

Any suggestions / help / updated drivers?

I have the same problem,
Os sierra
Macbook pro retina 15" mid 2011
I tried installing different drivers.
I only see the bluetooth port.

Which version of the Arduino IDE are you(both of you) using?

I downloaded the latest update that was done on Oct 4

What communication chip is on board?
Do you have a clone or an original Arduino Uno.

If clone, then check what USB/serial chip is on board. (FTDI, CH340 ..)

I have an original Arduino UNO R3

I have been using this iMac for a few weeks now. The OS was the latest version of El-Capitain.
Everything worked fine.

Now that I've updated the OS to Sierra....UNO not communicating with mac.

I may have found the problem.

For some unknown reason, after updating the OS to Sierra, the port was changed to:


I had no other options to change this.

I completely disconnected every cable/wire from the UNO and restarted the Arduino IDE. I was then given a different option for the Port:

/dev/cu.usbmodemFD141 (Arduino/Genuino Uno)

Now everything seems to be populating to the Serial Monitor Tool.

I also am now able to upload sketches to the UNO.

Thanks to all for the help.