Mac OS X Arduino IDE not showing Arduino in tools/ports

I am new to Arduino but I have been working on a wheel counter for a few weeks now. Every day I have to go in an update the number of rotations I need for each specific run. Today after plugging in the Arduino, it didn’t show up in my serial ports. I have no idea why especially because 12 hours earlier I was working with the Arduino. When I go to Tools and Ports there are many available ports but none of them are the usual USB port that I always use to connect to the Arduino. The Arduino is still receiving power and is able to run the code without any problems, however I need to be able to change the code reliably.

I have reinstalled the IDE, deleted the Arduino folder, restarted my computer, Installed an FTDI Driver, plugged it into different ports on my computer, and tried multiple usb cables but nothing seems to work.

If it's a Chinese clone you probably need the CH341 driver, But since retarded changes in El Capitan it's a bit of a hassle... Google "CH341 el capitan".