Mac OS X installation issues

Hello all. I am completely new at this so please bear with me. I ordered a new Arduino Uno Rev3 and cannot get it to work on my macbook pro running mavericks. I went step by step from the instalation guide and nothing happens when I plug in the board. It states that it will pop up "If you're using the Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega 2560, a dialog box will appear telling you that a new network interface has been detected. Click "Network Preferences...", and when it opens, simply click "Apply". The Uno or Mega 2560 will show up as "Not Configured", but it's working properly. Quit System Preferences.". This doesn't happen. I have tried to find a solution, and others say you cannot use it in hubs or to unplug and plug in again. I'm directly wired in and I tried the unplug method and it doesn't work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

I have the same problem, I have an Arduino Uno with a MacBook Pro, running Mavericks, and when I downloaded the software and clicked on the icon, the only response I got was the icon enlarging to show that it was opening, but it would never load.

Well my program loads, it jus wont read the usb port (/dev/tty.usbmodemxxx I believe is what is needed). I had the same issue though. I just reinstalled and then it worked fine.

I have reinstalled the software many times, each time with the same result

I’m sorry man I’m not sure what else you can do. Someone on here is sure to be able to help you though.

Even though the genuine boards don’t have a FTDI chip, some people have reported that the serial ports don’t show up in Mavericks until you install the FTDI drivers (VCP drivers from

I have never had a problem with Mavericks, but then, I also had the FTDI drivers installed before I upgraded.