Mac OSX 10.6 Stating it has found a new connection

I am running the EtherTen, which is basically an UNO with an ethershield.

Every time I connect it to my Mac, a box comes up staing that it has found a new connection which appears to be a modem connection.

I can add a new configuration which I call Arduino. I can then click on the Advanced button which brings up a new screen and 5 options at the top. Modem, ppp, and three others I can't remember.

I understand that the Mac has found an etherport but I don't have a clue as to what to select and how to configure it.

Other than this issue the device is working very well.

Any assistance that someone can provide me would be greatly appreciated.



Click Apply and touch nothing else.

Usually, each time you connect via a new USB port (Hub or otherwise), you’ll see that message.

It is quite annoying.

I also use a USB 3G modem, and every time I plug the Uno in it assumes its the 3G dongle.

Thanks James, problem solved, much appreciated