Mac User, Need a Breakdown of how to get my Rainbowduino Cube Illuminating

Hey guys, first time ever doing anything like this-- it's been a crash course.
That being said, my cube is complete and Rainbowduino plugs right into my USB where I should be able to program the cube with "Cubexcontrol."
Problem is, there is no detection of Rainbowduino whatsoever and no matter how many crappy guides I've tried to follow to get it running for my macbook (Mountain Lion), I'm always hung up at a certain just seems to me that there is a super tiny os x community running this cube.
So, I came here. Can someone walk me through this last couple steps so I can finally show my cube the "light" of day (preferably someone who was in my position at one point)?

You are not giving much information. Have you loaded the Arduino IDE ? Give a few more details.

I have loaded Arduino IDE. Nothing is detected or registered even though Rainbowduino's green light is on. I imagine that regardless of possible cold soldering on the cube's frame (which only serves to direct current to the LEDs), the Rainbowduino unit should nonetheless be detected by Arduino. I read somewhere that I have to update the firmware to get my cube going, but that has proven to be extremely difficult to find a guide for on OSX but I know I need the Arduino IDE app to do so.

on guides it says that once connected and "" is running, I should start by confirming the ability to upload a sketch at all. That is where the vague directions falter and I'm (punningly) left to my own devices. I think the next step would be to locate the "board" I'm using in the dropdown menu of the Arduino IDE app and then it should know what to be detecting for, but I see no "Rainbowduino" listed in the list of different Arduino iterations. Is there a certain one I should be choosing that Rainbowduino falls under the category of? To clarify, it's the Rainbowduino v3.0b from seeedstudio.

Thanks, looking forward to getting this baby going.

Have a look at this site and see if that "sheds any light" on your problem 8)


Plus Google search " rainbowduino on mac" turned up a few more possibilities

Alright, I had used that source before but this time I was able to make significant progress:
I got as far as being able to upload a sketch (like cube1.pde) to
Nothing happens to my cube. Is there a step I missed? I installed the FTDI drivers as Mac users have to, then I imported the Rainbowduino zip file into’s list of libraries. Then I went into the text of rainbowduino.h as it lay in the library, and replaced “#include <Wprogram.h>” with “#include <Arduino.h>” and saved. Then, as the guide suggests, I opened cube1.pde in Arduino IDE, compiled, and uploaded successfully the sketch successfully. As far as I know this is supposed to output a sample of LED illumination on 3 corners of the cube, but still nothing is happening. I also tried cube2.pde, which would output a large number of illuminated LEDs in the chance that the 3 LEDs in cube1.pde were improperly soldered. Still no luck. I feel like I am really close, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

You are not giving much information. Circuit wiring? Power connections?

There really isnt any circuit wiring, it's all soldered connections of metal pads on a lot of printed circuit board. The rainbowduino is powered via usb or the included AC cord and the green light turns on-- the cube itself fetches that power via the included "red/black" power cord that I connected between the terminal on the Rainbowduino board and that of the cube's base. I know power is being fed to the cube when connected via USB because other components soldered to the base PCB of the cube (not the arduino board) are warm to the touch while power is technically only coming from the mini-USB port on the Arduino. So, I know that my computer is supplying power to the Arduino and that it is making it all the way to the circuitry on the cube base.

So my main question is, after I successfully "upload" a sketch like cube1.pde via the usb, should the LEDs finally light up? Because I am getting nothing. Here are my settings on Arduino IDE:

Tools>Board>Arduino Duemilenove w/ ATmega328
Tools>Serial Port>/dev/tty.usbserial-A602048P

Then, I load the sketch:
Altering nothing in the code that appears, I click the "verify" button (receiving no errors).
Again altering none of the code, I click "upload" and get: "Done uploading. Binary sketch size 2,524 bytes (of a 30,720 byte maximum)"

I am led to believe that this should produce an output (light) on my LED cube. It does nothing. Neither does sketch Cube2, etc. What'd I miss?

By the way, I am just trying to get this cube working and ideally in the app that lets me configure my own designs, "cubexcontrol." Problem there is, I get "no output device detected" and am led to believe that first I must go through Android IDE and upload the firmware. Haven't I achieved this by importing the Rainbowduino library into Arduino IDE?

Hope I've been more detailed this time.

Hi, had the same problem, Arduino IDE would crash
I tried the nightly build and it worked
you can get it here:
have a try


I would try outputting something to the arduino serial port from setup() and loop(). This will let you know the arduino is running code successfully. Once it’s running successfully, all future problems should be Mac/Windows independent, so we can start looking at the hardware and sketch issues, if there are any.