Mac user needing to run Due on XP - help!

Hi all - I am a total newbie to Arduino, programming and electronics so outs been a struggle

I went to Mac a few years ago but kept my old PC running XP for the odd time I needed software that wouldn't run on Mac.

I am able to connect and upload sketches to the Due using IDE on my Mac but I needed to do the same thing on the PC so i could interface with some PC-only software, that reads the serial output from the Due

I started by downloading latest 1.6.6 IDE which gave all sorts of problems, so then reverted back to 1.6.4 with the Board installation version also 1.6.4

I am still getting strange behaviour and in particular every time I connect or disconnect the board it seems to switch between being recognised as a Bossa Programmer on COM4 to an Arduino Due on COM6. I managed to upload simple Blink example but this flipping between device IDs keeps happening and uploading bigger sketches (that compile OK0 often seems to hang.

Being new I fail also to understand the difference between Native USB and Programming ports.

Can anyone give me a config to use that will work with XP. i.e. which versions of the software, drivers, which port to use etc.

One thing that might be relevant is that I am using USB ports on the front of the PC not those on the rear that are connected direct to mobo. Would that make a difference maybe.

Hardware i don't even begin to understand.

Any help gratefully received.

(oh, one last thought) could I run the Due on the Mac and use the second USB to connect to the PC for the windows software to output it - that might be easier. If so, how do i configure it?)

As far as I am aware, the Due requires Arduino 1.5 or above. (In practise, use 1.6 or above.) This won’t run on a 12-year-old operating system.

I didn't have any problems uploading a 26k+ example (BarometricPressureWebServer) to a Due from a WXP VM using 1.6.5. (At least, no more problems than I do uploading the Due normally. It seems to require a manual reset more often than not.)

Are you using the "Programming port" or the "Native port"? (I was using the programming port.)

There are known timing sensitivities with native USB devices; they don't always re-appear on windows after a reset, by the time the IDE expects them to be there.