Mac won't show the right port

Hi there,
I am trying to upload to an Arduino Uno. I have selected the correct board, and the port is not what I need. It says /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port instead of the other one, the /tty… one. So it won’t upload. I even turned off bluetooth on the computer and it still doesn’t work.

Your Arduino's USB-to-Serial chip is not showing up as a serial port. You may need to install a driver. What is the label on the chip near the USB port (UNO/MEGA) or on the bottom of the board (Nano)? Common choices are:
ATMEL MEGA16U2 (Official Arduino UNO/MEGA and some clones)
FTDI FT232RL (Official Arduino Diecimila/Duemilenove/Nano and most older clones)
WCH CH340G (Most newer clones)

Try: Tools > Port. There you'll find a list. Your arduino is not necesairily the one on top. But your mac is using it anyway. Check the one you need in the list and load up. Worked for me after two days looking for ports (and I WORK in a port...)