Macbook, Snow Leopard, no usbserial devices

Hi, using Snow Leopard on a core 2 duo macbook and installed the latest dev system, which launches fine. I also installed the latest USB drivers, which seemed to install fine, but did not create the usbserial devices. So when I choose a serial port in the arduino app, all I get are the bluetooth ones.

I looked around the forums and used google, and though I saw lots of issues with OS X, I didn't see this one.

Any wisdom out there?



I’ve got a 13" MBP (Core 2 Duo) here running 10.6.4 and don’t see any USB related troubles except the odd kernel panic when I disconnect the USB cable from my MBP - the FTDI driver barfs.

I’m using the 018 build of Arduino IDE.

The only times I’ve seen what you describe is when I was using a poxy ENJ-based ethernet shield. But I’m guessing that not your setup or you would’ve mentioned it…?

Do you see anything interesting in your console output related to the FTDI driver?


Thanks for the reply!

Went home last night and zero-based everything. Removed drivers, and the kext file, did a repair disk permissions, and reinstalled it all.

It worked. Go figure.

My son and I then built several basic Arduino projects and had a ball.

hi pitlog

Im new at the Ardiuno and have the same problem as described above. Can you explain how to fix this?

thx, Rif


Here's what I did...

I downloaded the latest USB drivers (check the site) and the IDE.

Then I went to my Library folder, and removed the Arduino folder, which is where the Arduino preferences are kept.

Next, I used disk utility (in Applications/Utilities) and did a repair disk permissions on my primary fixed disk.

Finally, I installed first the USB drivers, then the IDE.

After that, everything worked. It probably took 15 minutes overall, including about 10 minutes to do the repair disk permissions.

Good luck!


thx for fast answering.

Can you describe how to do this thing with disk utility? what is a repair disk permission on primary fixed disk? as you see, my mothertongue is not english ;)

thx, Rif


No problem!

There is an application called "Disk Utility" inside a folder called "Utilities" in your computer's Applications folder - where Safari and all the other apps are stored.

Run the "Disk Utility" and select your computer's main disk on the left hand side of the window - might be called "Macbook" if your machine is like mine.

Finally, select the "Repair Disk Permissions" button towards the bottom of the window. It will take a few minutes to run, and probably generate some text in the text window. This is nothing to worry about.

Hope it helps!


I´ve done that so far, but theres no serial appearing at tools-->serial port. Just dont know what else can be the failure. Yesterday I was working fine with my arduino, suddenly i just cant find the board anymore. When i connect the board to the Mac the L-led(pin 13) is once blinking for a millisecond. TX and RX are never shining. What they should do, when connecting?

thx for helping so far.

Have Arduino 0018, Mac OSX, Arduino Duemilanove, and FTDIUSBSerialDriver 10_4_10_5_10_6

yeah, Rif

Did you reboot before you installed the USB drivers? If not, please try again. No "Disk Utility" necessary this time.


I rebooted, installed the ftdi and started arduino, but theres no serial port.
Just those with Bluetoothstuff.
But when i connect another Arduino Duemilanove there is this usb port appearing at tools->serial port.
Do you think this is a hardware problem at the board?
I just cant figure it out.


Not sure. But the port you need will only appear in your IDE when you have an Arduino plugged in.

i know. It was plugged in. Are there any differences between a 2010 Arduino Duemilanove and a 2008? cause the newer one isnt appearing and the 2008 is.


Sorry, don't know. I just started playing around with this stuff a couple days ago.