Machine CSV output via USB to SQL


I have a machine that can output run data (temperatures, speeds, pressures) per cycle to a usb drive in a csv file. I would like to not have to go to the machine plug in a usb, come back to my computer and download it. Is there a way to somehow plug an arduino into the machine or have them share a storage device so the arduino could pull the data (once a day?) and dump it in a network location or SQL server?

Rather than try to share a storage device, simply have your computer read Arduino serial output and store the data somewhere.

On a Windows machine, PLX-DAQ allows Arduino to store values directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

USB connections require 1 master and one or more slaves. If your machine only behaves as a USB master, you need an Arduino that can behave as a USB drive. That's possible, but quite hard to do.

So the question is: does your machine have further data output capabilities?