Machine data aqucition with arduino wifi?


Maybe this is not right place to ask, but maybe someone could advice me a little.

I would like to check machine productivity with Arduino wifi...

Four digital inputs needed, wifi connection and data aqucition software to collect information.

What need to get start?

Thank You

What machine are you trying to monitor? You will need an interface from the machine to the digital inputs. Where do you want to view the data? A web page? Need more info to make accurate suggestion.

Anyway, I use a pro mini, ESP8266, text files and/or MySQL database, and php to save and display furnace data from my home. You write the software for your needs.

Data can include almost anything. State of: Gas valve, Inducer motor, blower motor, call for heat, heat exchanger pressure drop (air flow) Temperatures: incoming air, combustion exhaust, primary heat exchanger, etc.

Here is a live link showing my home furnace data.

Still have some things to do like AJAX for auto update and animations.