Machine stops with error message

Hi, Can someone tell me where I start looking to sort out the issue of my machine stopping, this is the error message:

error 15- jog target exceeds machine travel. Command ignored [ $J=G91G21Y10F1200]

Thanks in advance.

Relative move. In millimeters. Y axis +10. Feed rate of 1200 (inches per minute?). Seems legit.

How close is the spindle to the top of travel?

Either a limit swich is triggered or soft limits are exceeded.

Hi Bradly, $27 set at 4.000

Hi, thanks for the reply, how do I alter the soft limits and to what setting?


Learn more about Grbl and the system producing the Grbl code.

Hi, people reach out to others in forums such as this for help and assistance and not to be told to learn more about the subject of descusion. I for one, as a novise CNC user have read spent several hours investigating how to correct the issue I am experiancing all to no avail.
(If you don't understand it you don't understand it)
Perhaps there is someone out there who can help?

In Grbl there are lots of parameters affecting speeds, acceleration and a lot more.
Each parameter has a name, a number.
I don't know the entire Grbl by heart so You need to find out where soft limits are activated as well as the actual value of the limit.
No helper can tell that value with the lack of information You give.
Where is the starting point, 0:0?

After resetting and homing the machine, try to move in the negative direction (J=G91G21Y-10F1200). If it moves without an alarm, your coordinate system setup is the reason. I do not understand it sufficiently to explain. The best advice that I can offer is to do some research into how the grbl coordinate systems work and how to set up homing direction.

Are you using a gcode sender software like Univeral Gcode Sender (UGS)? I prefer bCNC myself.

All sorted, I don't know how, lots of trial and error. All the information was greatly received.

Thanks again

Yeah, that is how I, eventually, got my CNC engraver to work. $23=3 homing direction was the key for me.

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